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Zombie Stomper Footwear Have Risen Again

Posted on February 3, 2011 in Uncategorized by

zombie shoesIt’s very exciting that these immensely popular Iron Fist Shoes are back in stock, they’ve remained one of our best sellers for over 2 seasons now, the zombie stomper flats & flip flops were a glorious addition to our summer range and you guys couldn’t get enough and we can’t exactly blame you, after all they have awesome bright greens and pinks. The artwork on these zombie shoes is fabulous combining horror with style and they couldn’t be complete without the satin bow. 

The Zombie Stomper Platforms are another hugely popular style not least because they are peep toe heels but because they look the bomb and fit like a dream. They have an amazing 4 inch stiletto heel making these stylish & edgy all at the same time. As we are low in the Zombie Stomper Flip Flops it is likely we won’t have any left by the time you read this but rest assured we will getting heaps more in the next couple of weeks, so keep yourself glued to our Twitter updates.

Now as an introductory gift to you guys we want to offer you a special discount on these Zombie Shoes, we know our prices are low as it is but we want to offer you an even greater discount, we want to offer you a 5% off discount just as a way of saying thanks for checking out our blog. All you need to do get the discount is when checking out just type in: i am a zombie

It’s as simple as that, the zombie Stomper footwear have risen again and we can only say let Iron Fist keep on making more impeccable zombie designs.

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