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World cup madness

Posted on May 18, 2010 in Uncategorized by


Okie dokie….the world cup is coming up and while some girls do love watching the football I prefer watching to see if anyone gets punched in the face during an offside argument lmao!
But world cup season is not only a great time for footie lovers but also a great excuse to see all your mates, stick some grub on the BBQ and down as much alcohol as you like :p

So this year when England play (or even when theyre not….any excuse for a knee’s up) I’m gathering up all my mates and we’re gonna have a rave.

It’s best to make sure that when buying food for the bbq to make sure you have vegi options for any vegetarians as well as maybe a seperate disposable bbq to cook the food on to prevent meat contamination. Also not everyone is a raging lush so make sure you have plenty of non alcoholic drinks to go around. Party games are a must but we’re not talking pin the tail on the donkey here…were talking suck and blow, spin the bottle and maybe even some strip poker lol.
Either way guys, don’t let the world cup just pass you by. Have fun and use it as an excuse to PARTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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