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Want some colour on your eyes?

Posted on March 29, 2010 in Uncategorized by


With the summer coming up most of us want to brighten up our wardrobe and some of us want to brighten up our faces and colour is the new black.
Don’t be scared to use colourful eye shadows, mascaras and eyeliners, all you need is a little practise and some tips.

Prim your eyes – Before you apply anything to your eyes remember to use a primer (or a little concealer) on your eyelids.  This will stop the colours creasing and keep them bright all day.

Eyes first – It’s best to do your eye makeup first and then you can clean up any mess on your face before you apply your foundation.

Choose your colour wisely – Again it’s all about skin tone, people who have skin with pink under tones suit cool blue-based colours while people with yellow under tones suit more warmer colours like orange based shades.

Go light – When you’re first starting out try not to go too OTT, choose a subtle colour and take a soft bristle brush and apply a light layer of colour upto the socket line and around your bottom lashes. If you love a certain colour but find its too bold just add a little loose face powder to it to dilute the colour a bit. And never take a strong colour up past your socket to your eyebrow unless you want to scare people. If you want to do that stick with very light/nearly not there shimmery colours.

Pinks – Be very careful when choosing pink shades because if they are too strong they can make your eyes look tired and sore. Its best to go for cool fuchsia shades but compliment it with lashings of black mascara on your eyelashes.

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