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Vampires Suck!

Posted on July 18, 2010 in Uncategorized by


Well it’s been awhile since we last had a spoof movie…..Scratch that….since we last had a DECENT spoof movie!
First we had the “Scary movie” franchise, and yes, the first was awesome. It was new and hilarious and the mash up of scary movies was brilliant, from the spine tingling Scream to the teen slasher great I know what you did last summer. But number 2 and 3 were kind of a let down but luckily they reclaimed their former glory with Scary movie 4.
Then we had others such as Not another teen movie, Date movie, superhero movie, Shriek if you know what I did last friday 13th, Disaster movie, Epic movie…….YAWN….Bored yet?
After awhile they got stupid…no storylines, no plots, jokes being made at inappropriate moments and when they couldn’t get a laugh….bring out the toilet humour and scantly clad woman.

Well here comes another…VAMPIRES SUCK.
I was recently sent the email by my sister (Hi sam) and I think it was right up my street. Many of you will know my hatred for the Twi-shite saga so what better way to show my disproval then to watch a movie which mocks the whole Franchise.
Everything is in this movie from Edwards ridiculous “sparkle” to the whole non event of the Team Jacob/Team Edward crud. And as always, it’s not quite a spoof unless you stick in some random characters/star for your stars to mock/kill/laugh at……cue Alice (Wonderland?) being shot by Edward as he admits to Bella he’s a killer and a crappy Lady Gaga look-alike, Not exactly high standard comedy but you can’t win them all.

But Ive only watched this trailer once and I’m already gagging for more….Probably just because as I enter the cinema I know I’ll be lovingly surrounded by my fellow Twilight Haters.
Either way I can’t wait to see it 🙂


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