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Transformers 3

Posted on July 18, 2010 in Uncategorized by


So in this newest installment of the Transformer films, not only do the robot’s transform but so do the girls lol.
I’m talking about the “ditching” of the super-fine Megan Fox for the Amateur Rosie-too-much-of-a-mouthful- Whiteley.
Okie, so Megan wasn’t the most talented actress in the world but at least she had a back catalogue of fims and tv shows under her belt. And that’s already 100% more then Rosie.
I’m all for giving someone a chance but I honestly think the role is too big for a newcomer with no experience in acting. And for that matter, with all the actresses in Hollywood lining up for the did this nobody achieve it. Contacts in the industry perhaps?

Also straight from the rumour mill, it is believed that Megan Fox was “dumped” for being too skinny and they feared she would not appeal to the male audience anymore (I’m pretty sure this can’t be the only reason but hey).
Well It was a few weeks ago when I was reading my weekly gossip mags that someone happened to comment on this rumour, and it had me in hysterics.
So they ditched Megan Fox because she was too skinny and was no longer sexy, and replaced her with a newer model, Miss Rosie-Huntington-Whiteley…yea because that Rosie’s a real Heffer isn’t she?

What do you guys think?
Did they make the right decision to replace Megan Fox?
Who do you prefer?

Comment me your answers ^_^


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