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Tips for great hair.

Posted on April 1, 2010 in Uncategorized by

# Bigger is Better – so try injecting some life into your hair with a good volumising spray (Tigi Bed Head does an amazing range) Apply to the roots of your hair and some mid-lengh to give you that extra boost!

# Fight the Frizz – Get yourself a gloss enhancing serum and squirt into the palms of your hands. Using your hands smooth it over the mid lenghs and ends of your hair to create a sleek look. I use Tigi Bed Head Control freak surem and it’s work a treat 🙂

# Staying power – Like the idea of keeping your hairdo all night long but dont like the idea of it being as hard as a week old sponge cake. Then get your hands on Elnett Diamond hold and shine hairspray by L’oreal. It keeps your hair in place but helps it look more natural. And its super easy to comb out at the end of the day.

# Keep it clean – Being short on time is no excuse for dirty hair. Grab a can of  Tigi Rockoholic dirty secret dry shampoo (or if your on a budget you can you Batiste which is also a great brand) and holding the can 30cm from your hair give it a good spray. Then massage it through with your hands for a minute or so and then comb through…and your ready to go!

# Say goodbye to dry – With all the polution in the air it’s no wonder our hair is crying out for a good pampering. But when you haven’t got the time give your hair a good spritz of a leave in conditioner and watch your hair soak up all that moisture.



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