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The Princess and the Frog

Posted on February 13, 2010 in Uncategorized by


So last night I went with my boyfriend Rob to go and see the new Disney Movie ” Princess and the Frog” and I am so pleased to say that disney are back to their best 🙂
Woooooo at last they have returned to their much loved Cell drawn animation and even more adored fairy tale stories, it reminded me of the days of Snow White, Cinderella and The little mermaid. You can see how much effort and pain staking hours that have been put into this movie and it most definitely paid off. Its the most 2D film to possibly be made in the last 5 years by disney.
They’re starting to show again just how creative they can be.
In recent years Disney movies (apart from Pixar) have sort of become a “non-event” with films such as Brother bear, Treasure planet and Atlantis not really making the impact they intended.
But now the Masterminds who brought about the demise of hand drawn animation have done a U-Turn. Realising it’s not the amount of computer wizardry you put into a film but its characters and storylines that determine its success.

Princess and the Frog is set in the 1920’s in New Orleans where lead character Tiana is a waitress with a dream of opening her own Resturant, a dream her and her (dearly departed from this earth) father have had since she was just a little girl. Working every hour of the day she finally manages to save enough money to put a down payment on an old Mill which she hopes to transform into her resturant but before she can realise her dream she gets out bid.
Meanwhile prince Naveen (aka the frog) of this story arrives into town. Recently being cut off from his wealth by his parents he is in search of finding a wife who has riches of her own (or her daddies riches lol) but this is the kind of guy who would rather party then settle down. Tiana’s childhood friend Charlotte hears of the princes arrival and has dreamed of marrying a prince since she was a ickle girl, puts her plans into action by inviting him to their Marti gras fancy dress ball ( her “big daddy” is king of the Marti Gras) where she hopes will help her land her fella. But unbeknown to her the prince is no longer a prince but a frog, transformed by Dr Facilier the shadow man.
With Tiana’s dreams up in smoke she makes a wish apon a star but after wishing so hard she comes face to face with the frog, remembering the stories she was told as a child she (with a lot of hesitation) she finally kisses the frog but unexpectedly turns into one herself. Now Tiana and Prince Naveen have to find a way to turn back into humans.
Cue an adventure including a jazz playing crocodile and a hill billy glow fly to try and find Mama Odie, a witch doctor (or crazy old hag) living in the middle of the swamplands to help save them.
But the only thing that can turn them human again is if Prince Naveen kisses a princess before midnight, realising that Charlotte is princess of the Mart Gras pirade they race back…but will they get there in time. And now with the shadows from “the other side” on their tails, their task is even harder.

You’ll just have to watch it to see how it all pans out but I give it a massive 10/10


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