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The perfect nails

Posted on January 25, 2010 in Beauty Tips by

Flawless nails anyone?

First off its good to keep your hands and nails in good condition, try using some nourishing moisturiser daily like cocoa butter or almond oil, theres no need to shell out for hella expensive “hand and nail products”.

Always make sure you clean out any dirt from under your fingernails and even though us girls love our nails long make sure you file them and buff them once a week, this reduces the chance of hang nails and breakage while shaping them into an oval shap makes them easier to manage.
Its fun to paint your nails depending on your mood, if your feeling flirtatious you can go for a pretty pink, or if your feeling rather sexy and dominant go for a deep shocking red, no matter what the colour freshly painted nails are always a treat that perk you right up.


1, Okie before you start make sure youve removed any left over polish from your last painting session, then scrub over them with warm soapy water.
2, Now you want to create a barrier between the natural oils of your nails and the selected varnish of your choice. For this you will need a clear base coat which you can buy in all good cosmetic stores. Apply it to each nail and wait for it to dry (If you’re rather impatient and cant bare to wait you can always use a nail polish dryer like “OPI Rapidry spray”)
3, Once dried take your nail varnish and give it a good shake as most of the colour settles to the bottom if its been standing too long. Apply to your nails in 3 simple strokes, one at each side of the nail and lastly one down the middle.
4, If your not too good at this you can use a Q-tip or for more acuracy an old lip liner brush dipped in nail polish remover to correct any mistakes/ wobbly lines or paint on the skin.
5, If the color isnt as vibrant as you’d like it you may want to repeat step 4.
6, Now its time for the finishing touches by added a glossy top coat which will protect the nails from chipping and also add some must have shine.
7, And your done, but before you head out to that party and show off your killer claws, gently rub in some light moisturing over your hands to rectify any polish remover that may have gone over your skin.


And your ready to go.


There are many other creative things you can do with your nails, for example leopard print. (see pic below) You can do this by creating the letters “C” and “O” over the nails in a slightly jagged fashion before applying the top coat.
You could also do hearts or a lady bug theme, the things you can do are endless.
Or add some glmaour by adding little diamonte’s or gems to your nails by uses an adhesive (eyelash glue works wonders)


So go on girls (or guys) and get those creative juices flowing and show em what you’ve got.

See ya soon
<3 Bexy



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