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The no-tan Tan

Posted on March 21, 2010 in Uncategorized by


Okay guys it’s almost summer but not quite yet so don’t be tempted to go for that OTT colour, right now it’s all about the “No-tan tan”.
So it’s time to get yourself out and get yourself some gradual tanners but remember to only apply a thin layer and then build up the nearer it get’s to summer, this way it will look far more natural rather then your mates noticing you went home looking like Casper then came out the next day looking like you’ve had 2 weeks in the Sun.
There are some amazing Brands out there like “Fake Bake Beyond Bronze instant wash off Matte light” or “Soap & Glory Daily Radience moisture lotion” but if your on a tight budget you can never go wrong with “Johnsons Holiday skin” 🙂

Now get that Non-Tan tan and go out and show off those gorgeous new pins.

Till next time…..


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