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The Jamaica Inn

Posted on September 20, 2011 in Uncategorized by


Hey there guys.

I’ve just returned from a short break in Cornwall, and while the beautiful fresh air and gorgeous coasts were amazing, I have to admit my favourite part of the trip was visiting the Jamaica inn of Bodmin Moor.
The inn has so much history and was once a coaching house in the 1750’s where travellers would stay and change over their horses during their journeys. The inn is also believed to be haunted by the ghosts of smugglers and thieves who were murdered there.
There have been many sightings over the years by many different people and the team from the tv show ‘most haunted’ said it was one of the creepiest places they had ever been to. There is a story of a young traveller who went to the inn for a drink and was summoned outside by a stranger and was never seen alive again. His body was found the next morning on the moors. It is said that his ghost has been seen returning to the bar to finish his drink.
The inn is now a bar and restaurant with a museum and gift shop but most of the original structure still remains.
There has always been a debate about the difference between spirits and ghosts. Let me clear this up quickly. A spirit is the soul of a person who has crossed over into the afterlife but may on occasion return to the physical world to pass on a message or help a loved one to cross over. A ghost is the soul of a person which is trapped/stuck in the physical world for one reason or another. These reasons could be that the soul does not realise it has died (this can happen if the death was sudden and unexpected) or the soul is attached to a person believing these people wouldn’t be able to cope without them (they could also be attached to an item or a place) or a well known one- they have unfinished business ( a cliche but its true). There is also, what we call an ‘echo haunting’ where the ghost will replay a moment during their life ( ie, on a war field) over and over again.
This visit was the last day of my trip so I didn’t get the chance to stay over which was a shame but I did manage to capture some rather spooky images and an orb while using my camera. Unfortunately I haven’t had chance to upload them yet but I’ll share them with you as soon as I do.

So if you’re ever in the Cornwall area, please check out the Jamaica Inn. Its deffo worth it and it’ll send those little chills up your spine.

Until next time….sleep well 😉

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