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Tasty half time treat!

Posted on June 20, 2010 in Uncategorized by

I was flicking through a few (few hundred more like) magazines to aid my boredom while i’ve been off my feet lately and came across this little delight.
Now, Im not the biggest footie fan in the world but when the World Cup rears it’s head I’m as football mad as any bloke…but thats probably more to do with the fact that the World Cup is different from your every day matches and leagues, it’s a time to get together, celebrate together, cry together, get sozzled together and most of all…chow down together.

So why not invite all your mates round, get the beer in and treat everyone to this scrummy (yet quick) stir fry!

First off grab yourself 125g (more if theres a load of macho men around) of stir fry beef, or chicken or Quorn if you don’t eat red meat or any meat at all for that matter lol.
* In a bowl put a great dollop of BBQ Sauce, some chopped ginger and a lil Soy sauce.
*Next, shove in the meat/fake meat and give it a stir till its all covered and let it stand (aka marinade) for 10 mins.
* Heat up about a table spoon of oil in a Wok until hot and plonk in the marinaded meat, keep stirring and along the way toss in some extra veg like peppers and shallots.
* Now grab yourself some straight to wok noodles or if your feeling realllllllly lazy get yourself a bag of microwave noodle (or rice if you prefer). Cook to the packet instructions.
* Now plonk the carbs on your plate and load on the stirfry.



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