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Summer nights and makeup brights

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If I ever ask just one thing of  you it’s “don’t be afraid to show your true colours”.
Ignore all those beauty mags that stop you from going wild with your makeup and try to keep you contained, telling you not to clash your colours like a drag queen hitting the London night spots! You only live once, and yea, you might get a few strange looks from passers by but who cares right? Be free to express yourself however you feel!

Throw caution to the wind I say and get daring =]

Ignore the normal rules of  “subtle blended shades” and opt for two completely contrasting colours for a dramatic look. And finish off any look with some bright bold eyeshadow.


If you’re brave enough, the new trend for wearing eyeshadow UNDER your eyes is a big hit with celebs such as Rihanna. It’s something I’ve been doing for the past couple of years now and seems others are starting to catch on lol. But try not to use colours with a reddish or pink tone or you’ll just end up looking like your in need of your bed. The best colours I find are blues or greens and they’ll look far better if you buy them in a sheer glittery tone rather then a bold.

Now’s not the time to be coy, forget those pearly peaches or those bronzed cheekbones. What you need is a colour flush. Bright pinks and oranges really make the cheeks stand out. Iv’e been using MAC’s sheer tone blush in “Pink Swoon” for ages now and im addicted =]
Or if you’re really daring buy yourself some Star Gazer neon pink eyeshadow and using a blusher brush sweep it gentle across the apple of your cheeks and up the cheek bone (never go OTT with stargazer eyeshadows on your cheeks, as a little goes a LONG way)


Another rule you can break is the lips OR eyes rule. Big bright lips meant minimal makeup on the eyes and vice versa…but not anymore.
Go for some big bright pink lips to match those cheeks or if your feeling more foxy get yourself a gorgeous purple shade.
If like me you find your lips get a lil dehydrated, or the lipstick likes to wear off after about an hour then invest in MAC’s new pro longwear lip stain markers. For a daytime look apply a thin coat on top of your lips and press them together for a just bitten look and then for the evening use the marker to draw around the outline of your lips and then fill in with 3 coats for an amazing vivid look. They stay put all day and don’t try out your lips like normal lipsticks can =]

When it comes to these little fella’s there are NO rules.
Paint yourself some animal print, alternate different colours on each nail, go bold, go bright, go mad!. And look out for OPI Rapidry spray in shops near you if don’t have time to sit around and let your nails dry naturally..just spray on the nail…wait a few seconds and they’re dry!
PS- Star Gazer have an amazing range of colours to choose from for really amazing stand out nails!

Break the rules!


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