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Shrek : Forever After

Posted on July 4, 2010 in Uncategorized by


So on Friday I spent the day in town and decided to go to the cinerma that evening, as I was with my boyfriend we opted to see the 4th Shrek movie : Shrek Forever After.
I knew he loved the Shrek Franchise and had been looking forward to seeing it but I was still a little dubious about the whole thing.

As a mahooooosive disney fan I felt a little guilty for paying money to support a rival companies film, ok yea so I do go and see movies that AREN’T disney but at the same time we all know Dreamworks are disney’s main rivals. What with the whole back story of Disney’s head animator Jeffrey Katzenberg leaving disney in 1994 because he lost out on a big promotion to become the president of the company. And then teaming up with Spielberg and David Geffen to form Dreamworks….while rumours flew that he also took some of disney’s biggest film ideas with him.

So yea you could see how I’d be a little bitter. (Iv’e kinda wanted to work for disney as an animator since I was ickle )….Disney..I pledge my alligence lol!

But anyway back to the point…SHREK FOREVER AFTER!
I had never seen any of the previous shrek movies on the big screen before, only in my front room as my sister watched them on the movie channels, and the only reason I paid any attention was because of the little dig they made at disney in the first one with these little dolls singing “Duloc is the perfect place” (blates a p*** take of small world) lol.
But over the years I’d pretty much entered so many rooms where people were watching them I kinda fitted the stories together myself.
Now it was time for me to see the fouth instalment of the film…and you know what?
I really enjoyed it!

After marrying Fiona and having 3 cute little ogre babies it seemed that Shrek’s life was becoming a bit like groundhog day, the same routines over and over again, realising he had left the old days behind him and nobody even feared him anymore.
It all came to a head on his kids 1st birthday where it seemed everything was going wrong, the three little pigs had munched their way through the birthday cake (and pretty much everything else) and some spoiled little brat kept asking him to “do the roar!!!!” (That bit alone will have you in stitches) and he just couldnt take anymore.
After having a convo with fiona about his worries he went for a walk and came across a carriage and could hear a voice shouting for help beneath it.
And that’s where he met Rumpelstiltskin, who was seen earlier in the film attempting to make a bargain with Fiona’s parents.
Rumpelstiltskin had a proposition for the ogre, he would allow him to have just one day where he could return to being the feared ogre he once was in return for just one day of shrek’s life….any day! He choose the day he was born 😮
Soon Shrek catches on that he had never been born and nobody knows who he is, and if he doesn’t find some way out of the bargain by the time the day ends he will dissapear.

Well I’m not going to tell you anymore. Thats the basic plotline but im not giving anything away.
Im just gonna tell you that Puss is now a fattie, there’s an ogre luring piper and Rumpelstiltskin is corrupt but actually quite likeable :p

bye guys


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