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Scary -not so tempting- food?

Posted on April 8, 2010 in Uncategorized by


Im guessing a lot of you have seen those Special K adverts?
Where woman who are already in great shape walk around looking for ways to lose those extra pounds off their already tiny hips lol.
Okay so my most favourite Special K advert was to advertise their “yummy” Special K Snack bars (this one was their red berry – oh how very yummy- and yogurt bar).

So this pretty little lady is walking down the street and then comes across a bakery and in the window she spots many yummy goodies, cakes and pastries and all sorts of bad for your butt kinda food. Although she is tempted she turns away but temptation is following her 😮 dun dun dun…in the shape of a “delicious looking chocolate muffin”.
It follows her down the street and across the busy roads but ALAS she has a yummy special K bar to rid her of this temptation and POOF the “delicious” muffin is gone!

Now if like me you’ve actually seen this advert….WTF! That is the creepiest-most non delicious- freakshow of a muffin I have EVER seen.
If you have not had the pleasure of this advert please look at the photo attached.
I haven’t laughed this hard at an advert since Clear blue had the phrase – The most Sophisicated piece of Technology you will ever pee on!

Ahh totally pointless article but had to be shared.

Peace out lovers!


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