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Safe in the sun!

Posted on May 5, 2010 in Uncategorized by


Heya guys, I know that now the sun is shining apon us all we all just wanna get out there and have some fun and make the most of the warmth while it lasts. And you can, but please remember to play safe.
New research shows a new case of skin cancer is diagnosed in the UK every 4 minutes and someone will die from it every 4 hours.
It may not be as hot as it is in Barbados in ye old blighty but our seemingly tame sun can still do a lot of damage, especially if you have fair skin which can burn in under 15 minutes.
Thats why even in countries such as the UK it is advised to wear a sun protector with a minimum SPF30+.

Its also very important to keep an eye out for signs such as the appearance or changes in moles.
The best way to check is by using this guide also known as the ABCDE guide!
(If any of the below apply to you please go and see your GP who may refer you to a mole clinic)

Asymmetry – the 2 halves of the area are a different shape.
Border – The edges are ragged.
Colour – If the colours are uneven and different shades of black, brown or pink.
Diameter – Most Melanomas (Cancerous) moles are at least 6mm wide.
Expert – if in doubt …check it out!

Thanks for reading guys. Its really important to remember to cover up in the sun and don’t take any chances.


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