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Perfect Brows

Posted on July 3, 2010 in Uncategorized by

Follow these simple steps for perfect brows.

Step 1 : Use a hot flannel on your face before plucking, this will help open up the pores and make it easier….and less painful.
Step 2 : Use a makeup concealer or an eyebrow pencil to draw your brow shape then tweeze the hairs that fall below the line…remember not to use any creams or moisturisers which may cause the tweezers to slip.
Step 3: Tweeze gradually, pluck a few hairs from one eyebrow and then a few hairs from the other and then step back from the mirror to make sure your not over plucking one and under plucking the other. And always remember to pluck in the direction of hair growth.
Step 4: When your finished your brows might be a little sore so rinse them off with some cool water.


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