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Tattoo Skater Dress by Jawbreaker Clothing

Posted on June 19, 2017 in alternative clothing, Alternative Dresses, jawbreaker by

Tattoo Skater Dress by Jawbreaker Clothing

Tattoo Skater Dress by Jawbreaker Clothing`

If you think you are young, sassy and yuppie then the Jawbreaker’s Tattoo Skater Dress is just your perfect match and available at the Egg n Chips Clothing, London.

Jawbreaker Clothing, known for its beautiful designs and fabrics bring you this eye-popping tattoo designed skater dress to help your rock your world. It is a sleeveless, mini sized, A-line shaped Beige skater dress with an all-round tattoo print that sure gets you noticed even in the crowd.

Jawbreaker, in the tattoo skater dress design, employed high-quality fabric and superb print technology to bring you this stunning piece which is more of a work of art and not just a Tattoo Skater Dress. With a 95% cotton and 5% elastane material, what you get is one of the highest grades in fabric quality added to the unbeatable tattoo print quality.

The Tattoo Skater Dress also offers you a high neck, open back clothing with Neck eyelet fastening just to give you the best of looks always. From waist downwards, the skater dress is a free flow fled skirt that gives you the freedom to move, twirl and just be girlish for once, allowing you to be your true self.

Worry less about the size because Jawbreaker’s got your perfect fit as the skater dress comes in variety of small, medium, large and extra-large sizes, ready for your immediate order now!

Once you place an order now, it is immediately booked, packaged, and dispatched to your intended destination without any delays. All orders have a 14-day Money-Back-Guarantee, but in line with Egg n Chips return policy

Jawbreaker assures that what you get for every purchase is a durable, re-wearable and re-washable dress that brings out the beauty, class and fun-loving side of you; available at the Egg n Chips Clothing, London.

Bones and Fire Long Line Jacket by Banned Apparel

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Bones and Fire Long Line Jacket by Banned Apparel

Bones and Fire Long Line Jacket by Banned Apparel

Banned Apparel is on top of its game this season with its Bones and Fire Long Line Jacket designed for today’s bold, stylish, outgoing and confident lady. All thanks to Egg n Chips Clothing, you sure can’t miss out of this great opportunity to stand out through this well-designed jacket.

The Bones and Fire jacket by Banned Apparel offer you a luxurious black, long line jacket that helps gives you a sense of seriousness and confidence while at the same time projecting your lovely looks whether dark or light complexioned.

Banned Apparel’s Bones and Fire Jacket indeed offer you a white bone print design of one of the highest quality ever. Bone prints concept for clothing line is always a statement that only the sassy, bold and daring can go for it.

Skeleton prints are an age-long but well-appreciated print concept that everyone can relate and understand its meaning. The boldness to face what life throws at you, the courage to dare great things even till death and an understanding that as long as you are alive, you can confront anything and succeed if you will.

But if you aren’t bold enough, a trial of the Bones and Fire jacket will show you just how much you have got inside when you place your order now at the Egg n Chips Clothing, London.

The Banned Apparel Bones and Fire jacket comes in various sizes from both small to extra-large sizes, so no one feels out of place when looking at ordering from the Egg n Chips Clothing, London.

Bones and Fire Long Line Jacket by Banned Apparel is a careful thought of design made from 97% cotton and 3% elastane; a guarantee of durability and a long lasting washing experience without the fabric giving way or losing its fine print anytime soon.

Every purchase at Egg n Chips Clothing, London comes with 14 days Money-Back-Guarantee all in line with its return policy.

Ahoi Top by Banned Apparel

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Ahoi Top by Banned Apparel

Ahoi Top by Banned Apparel

What you wear says a lot about you, and that’s what Banned Apparel is offering, a chance to step out in style, in professionalism and a show of good taste in the Banned Apparel Ahoi Top design available at the Egg n Chips Clothing, London.

Banned Apparel Ahoi Top is a long sleeved; boat/ widened neck top that reaches down to your waist line intended to give you the needed touch of class, comfort and friendliness.

Banned Apparel’s Ahoi Top comes in two basic colour blends of Navy and White or Black and White stripe. Its choice of the apparel colour is born out of the well thought of effects of colour combinations on you by Banned Apparel. They are chosen to brighten up your appearance and add more to your looks and confidence.

The colours are meant to create a sense of seriousness and positive mind-set, intended for today’s student, young professional, ladies and mums. The Ahoi Top fits perfectly into your events and at social functions, lectures, meetings, casual outings, a casual day at work and for hanging out with friends.

The Ahoi Top is well fitted to suit your structure as it comes in all sizes, helping to accentuate your lovely looks and creating the right appeal for your audience.

It is a well-knitted top that deploys the use a durable fabric of 70% viscose and 30% Nylon, ensuring you get value for your money. Just keep wearing your Ahoi Top any day, anytime with no worries about durability as it is designed with some of the best fabric always guaranteeing several washes and wear without fading.

Get you order now from Egg n Chips Clothing and have an unforgettable shopping experience as we delivered directly to your doorstep hassle free but in line with Egg n Chips return policy. You have a 14-day Money-Back-Guarantee.


Lace Back Dress by Jawbreaker

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Lace Back Dress by Jawbreaker

Lace Back Dress by Jawbreaker

Cool colours come with a touch of nobility, class, seriousness and style. It stands you out in a crowd as it’s a perfect combination with your skin colour be you light or dark complexioned. That’s what Jawbreaker offers you; all in a single piece; the Jawbreaker’s Lace Back Dress, available at the Eggs n Chips Clothing, London.

The Jawbreaker’s Lace Back Dress promotes beauty and sensuality. It is an utterly charming black gown with a combination of lace at the rear; adding more appeal and uniqueness of its own.

This Black Lace Dress with a swing skirt particularly is perfect attire for your special events, weddings, anniversary, religious gathering, party or dinner with that special someone.

Jawbreaker’s Lace Back Gown comes in a lovely black colour and slightly at knee level. It carries a fitted torso with a swing skirt to add more to your spring as you walk. You could never have been surer of your steps and confidence before the black lace dress by Jawbreaker.

This mid-length black lace dress, made from 95% polyester and 5% elastane, is a perfect wear for the summer season giving you warmth while promoting your feminism.

The quality of fabric offers you are long-lasting wear for quite a long time coming. It stands no chance of fading out after several washes as it’s quite friendly to detergent and machine wash.

No worries about your size as the Jawbreaker’s Lace Back Dress come in different sizes with a comfortable stretch. So irrespective of your stature, you are guaranteed a place in this beautiful Lace Back Dress available at the Eggs n Chips Clothing, London.

Conveniently place your order now and get this lovely black lace dress packaged and delivered to your destination with a 14 day Money Back Guarantee in line with Egg n Chips return policy.

Jawbreaker’s Hot New Offerings

Posted on June 15, 2015 in alternative clothing, Alternative Dresses, jawbreaker by

We love Jawbreaker’s bold alternative designs. They’ve served up punk, rockabilly, steampunk and goth and they do a pretty awesome job of it! This summer they’ve got something for everything, so here’s a few of our top picks.

Death by Fast Food Corset TopInjecting some quirky fun into their fabric, the Death by Fast Food range is gruesome and colourful with psychobilly vibes. The print incorporates skulls with a range of tasty (or not so tasty?) fast food such as burgers and pizza. We love the Bodycon Cutaway Dress for its sexy curve-hugging fit and stunning skull lace cutaway back. The Corset Back Vest is hot-hot-hot for summer with a gorgeous ribbon laced back contrasting with that playfully sick print.

Bella Bats Cropped TopCrop tops are big news this summer. Get your alternative fix with the super-sexy Dead Skulls Bustier or the wicked Bella Bats Cropped Sweatshirt

Chevron Steampunk ShortsIntroducing our very first pair of Steampunk Shorts! The Studded Chevron Steampunk Shorts are the perfect fusion of vintage fit and edgy punk vibes thanks to those wicked side studs. They’ll look smokin’ hot with a pair of killer Hades heels to showcase your legs.

Sugar Skull Halterneck DressWe’re loving Jawbreaker’s moody blue skulls ‘n roses print. Alternative gals will love the Blue Sugar Skull Halterneck Dress with a flared miniskirt making it the perfect alternative prom dress. For more of a punk vibe, try the Zip Up Bustier to boost your curves.

There’s just too much awesomeness to choose from, so head to Jawbreaker’s full collection on our site here:

Look At Me In The Beard Coffee Mug

Posted on March 20, 2015 in Alternative Homeware by

Look At Me In The Beard Coffee MugIntroducing coffee mugs at Egg and Chips, here we have the rad new Look At Me In The Beard Coffee Mug.

This mug is the perfect gift for anyone with a beard or even a bit of humour in your kitchen.

Check it here:

Nude Talon Spinal Heels

Posted on March 20, 2015 in Alternative Footwear, Hades Shoes by

Talon Spinal HeelsIntroducing the new Talon Heels in stunning nude colour. We love these Talon heels, covered in conical studs and awesome metallic spinal heels. These bad boys are fit to shock all your neighbours.

If you’re looking for heels with some real edge then these are the peep toe heels for you.

These gorgeous shoes are available in stone and burgundy also, in addition to the black and white originals.

Cat Face With Stitches Leggings by Banned Apparel

Posted on February 22, 2015 in alternative leggings, Banned Apparel by

Gorgeous new Cat Face leggings, we think these rock. So let’s get our claws out and go on the prowl like catwoman.

We’re loving the curious cat face, almost like the cheshire cat in Alice In Wonderland, ready to hypnotise you and put you in a trance.

Buy them here:


Black Harajuku Steampunk Boots by Hades Shoes

Posted on February 11, 2015 in Hades Shoes by

Harajuku Black BootsWe’re totally digging these new Harajuku Boots, they’ve got some real kick.

Available in both black and brown, they’re pretty darn cool.

If you’re looking for steampunk boots, these bad boys are screaming Victorian chiq.



Griffin Steampunk Booties by Hades Shoes

Posted on February 11, 2015 in Hades Shoes by

Super stunning new steampunk booties, just landing at Egg n Chips.Griffin Booties

These are the incredible new Griffin Booties, we totally love these and the brown faux fur is just to die for.

You can get these steampunk badboys and much more at Egg n Chips Clothing, to see our huge collection of Hades Shoes, just click here: