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Make up – The perfect base!

Posted on March 31, 2010 in Uncategorized by


Every now and again we love to apply a load of slap to our faces for a night out or get creative with colours and shades but theres times when we want something more subtle, something we can wear out and about or at our gran’s 85th birthday party.
Well here is a few tips on creating that youthful glow and flawless appearence.

1, First start off with a light Foundation, after many nights of heavy makeup it’s good to let your skin breath (for an easy alternative try using a tinted moisturiser)
2, You’ll need to use a concealer as well to touch up any dark under eye circles or imperfections. Its always best to use a creamy concealer as the skin under your eyes is far more delicate and a lot thinner then the rest of your face. Place a few dots of concealer under the eye and then use a pat and roll motion to blend it in.

3, When it comes to cheeks dont go for any strong shades, a light pink/coral is best when trying to achieve a youthful glow. In the winter your skin is far more drier so go for a cream blush which will blend in with your natural skin tone a lot better and look far les harsh.

4, When it comes to eyebrows make sure you never pluck above your natural eyebrow line…always stay below. Use an eyebrow comb to keep them in shape and add a little gel.

5, Remember the rules – If you’re going for dramatic eyes always keep the lips neutral. But if you decide to keep your eyes more natural then you can make a statement with a bold red lippy.

And there you have it.


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