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Lashes in a Flash

Posted on March 22, 2010 in Uncategorized by

When the lord hasn’t blessed you with uber long lashes theres no better way to cheat your way to sex appeal with some falsies!
They may seem quite fiddly to start with but after a few practise sessions you’ll find yourself applying them like a pro.
And here’s some top tips to help.
1, First hold the false eyelashes to your eyes and see how well they fit, they may need shortening to fit with your own eyeline. If so use a small pair of nail scissors and snip off the ends.

2, Apply 2 layers of Mascara to your natural lashes, one before attaching your falsies and one after. This will help to blend them in and make them look less obvious.

3, Apply a thin line of eyelash glue to the false eyelashes and wait a few seconds (you can blow on them gently to speed things up) when the glue has become “tacky” its time to apply them. You can use your fingers to apply them or if they are a bit fiddly you can use a pair of tweezers.

4, Apply as close to the natural lash line as possible and once you think they are in the right position press down for a few moments until the false lash has become attached to your own.

And there you go…perfect sex kitten lashes <3


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