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Jordan and her mini-me

Posted on February 18, 2010 in Uncategorized by

Most of you newspaper and magazine readers will probably have seen the pictures which were published last week of Katie Price’s 2 year old daughter Princess slapped in makeup.
Now I have nothing against kiddies playing dress up, trying on Mommys lipstick and attempting to walk in her 6 inch heels is all part of the growing up process. But publishing these pictures onto the worldwide web is a NO-NO.
Sexualising a child in such a way is just bad parenting. And plying the youngsters face with all that slap at such an early age is just asking for teenage acne :p
What with these stupid “baby heels”, kiddie makeup counters and some very daring childrens clothing no wonder our kids are having kids.
Childhood doesnt last as long as it used to which is such a shame.

I would post a picture of what i’m talking about but that would be giving a helping hand for her mothers (jordans) publicity and every paedo’s pleasures.


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