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It’s girlie time!

Posted on April 13, 2010 in Uncategorized by


It’s time ladies to get out those waxing kits and slap on some bronzer! Now’s the time to throw away those winter tights and warm jeans and pull out your cute skirts and spring dresses.
It’s all about going girlie this season….light in every sense of the word….out goes the heavy make up, bold colours and layers of clothing, and in comes the natural make up, dewy skin and fresh cotton fabrics!

As I told you all a few weeks back this season was all about pastels and candy colours and the hot favourite is deffo minty green. How do I know this? Simple….the big wigs who tell everyone what to wear told me so :p
Team your new love of mint greens with other light colours such as lemon, pastel pinks and baby blues and you’ll look good enough to eat ^_^

When it comes to cosmetics the colour you want is coral. It’s fresh, flawless and subtle.
Hold off on your usual heavy foundations and switch to a light tinted moisturiser. Go easy on the eyeliner and instead just coat your natural lashes with a luxurious mascara, and now the weather is getting warmer remember to keep your lips healthy with a moisture enriched lip balm….then keep them natural with a slick of peachy pink gloss.

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