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Massive tip for healthy hair!

Washing- okay so a lot of professionals and shampoo manufacturers tell us to wash our hair daily and they do have a reason for this… you end up going through a bottle of shampoo quicker resulting in more yearly purchases. Basically every time you wash your hair you may be ridding it of dirt but you’re also stripping the natural oils, and doing this daily sends your oil production into overdrive so when you miss just ONE day of washing you find your hair gets greasy uber quickly because its producing excess oil to compensate for the fact you strip it everyday. Now this won’t be pretty but to rectify this you must stop washing your hair for a least a week or two. In the meantime tie it up in a sleek ponytail or cover with a hat but DO NOT give into temptation. For the first few days your hair will be producing oil at an alarming rate (which is normal if you wash it every day but you don’t realise because you always wash off the excess oil daily). Now after a few days the oil production will slow and return to normal as your body realises that your no longer continuously stripping it and therefore it doesn’t need to over compensate.
After a 10 day period its time to wash your hair. You have now managed to get your hair back into a ‘routine’ and you’ll probably find after this first wash you won’t need to wash it again for a couple of days and you’ll deffo notice it won’t get as greasy as quickly as it used to.
The best upkeep for your hair to stop it becoming greasy but to also stop it drying out is to wash it every 3 days and for some people once a week is quite adequate, with maybe a spritz of dry shampoo inbetween to give it that fresh feeling.
Believe me, your hair DOES NOT need to be washed everyday…and it’ll thank you for it 🙂

Ps- The less natural oil you have on your hair the better the chance it’ll have of holding onto any dye/colour…FACT

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