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If your stuck at work while the rest of the world is outside soaking up the sun, then at least make your time around the water cooler interesting.
Some of this weeks top gossip!

* Apparently Ashton Kutcher has spent one million dollars on Rumer Willis’ new house, so obviously her own career and pay packet hasn’t escalated yet. And what does daddy Bruce think about all of this?

* RIP Single Ladies – Beyonce is considering ditching the single ladies dance routine from her tours. After seeing versions from different acts such as JT she’s decided to hang up the leotard as she doesn’t want it to be seen as an ongoing joke.

* Russell Crowe dead? Of course he isn’t. There have been a lot of rumours going round on the net lately that our old chum has kicked the bucket….all false I can promise you!

* Cheryl Cole ( soon to be Tweedy again) and Derek Hough take a romantic break in Africa, although no statement has been made as to whether or not the couple are more then just friends its seems likely that love is really starting to blossom…poor old!

* Teeny Bopper Justin Bieber and the gorgeous Kim Kardashian seen frolicking on the beach together and posting flirty messages on twitter… word…..WRONG!!!

* Glee stars getting frisky on set – apparently hormones have hit a peak amongst the cast with the shows creater Ryan Murphy telling them “Don’t do it in your trailer”

* Victoria Beckham is voicing a character for Sponge Bob Square Pants which will be aired in the US in july…’s not quite simpsons though…is it?

Thats it for now but pop back for more gossip soon ^_^


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