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Get that lash blast!

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Pretty much every Ad break there’s a commercial advertising mascara that promises you longer, bolder, thicker lashes and no matter how many times we say “yea right, as if” we end up popping into our nearest cosmetics store to buy one. I know, I’m guilty of it.
I wasn’t blessed with naturally long lashes, mine are lil stumps and I hate them and even though I can clearly see the “styled with Lash Inserts” at the bottom corner of every mascara ad, I still get duped into buying the darn products.
Although theres a few new products out there that have a gel formula within the mascara to help your lashes grow, I haven’t quite fallen for that yet…mwhahahahaha.

But even though no mascara can help my little blighters (I leave that to falsies or have lash extensions glued in) if you’ve got pretty decent sized lashes then there are some really good mascara’s out there. And heres some of the best with a few tips thrown in.

Best mascara for the job?

L’Oreal volume Million Lashes (rrp £10.99) – Many people apply layer after layer of mascara to get their lashes to look full and hefty but it can actually have the opposite effect by clumping your lashes together and weighing them down. What you need is a mascara that will volumise and seperate the lashes at the same time. Well this mascara does just that, plus it has a special “excess wiping” tube to stop the brush getting overloaded.

Lancome Hypnose Precious Cells (rrp £22) – When we age our lashes lose their density and become quite brittle. This mascara not only conditions your lashes but claims to boost their density by stimulating stem cells around the lash root in 28 days….hmmm science!

Rimmel 1-2-3 Looks Adjustable Volume Mascara (rrp £7.99) – These mascara’s seem to be all the rage at the moment. One mascara that can give you more then one look without overloading your makeup bag. By twisting the tube you can decide how much mascara goes onto the brush. Level 1 gives you 3x more volume then your natural lashes, Level 2 gives you 5x and level 3 gives you a whopping 10x.

Estee Lauder Sumptuous Bold Volume Waterproof Mascara (rrp £18) – Many of us count on waterproof mascara to keep us looking our best. But while they are budge proof, they also contain a lot of ingredients that can dry out our lashes. This one is just like any other amazing normal mascara (ie lovely and soft) but it just so happens to be waterproof. Plus its volumising and curling powers are amazing.

Bourjois Elastic Mascara (rrp £8.99) –  This mascara contains loads of stretchy sounding ingredients like hevea ( a plant used for rubber), stretchy gel complex, natural waxes and gum arabic which help stretch your lashes by an amazing 130% (how they know that I don’t know). But if uber long lashes are your thing then this is the product for you.

So next time your in a muddle about which mascara to choose, keep these in mind 🙂

Bye for now


TIP 1: Make sure to curl your lashes before you apply mascara, otherwise the mascara will stick to your curler and you’ll end up either pulling out a few lashes or damaging the roots. Plus when mascara is added to your lashes they become quite dry and curling them at this stage may cause them to break.

TIP 2: When applying mascara, start by holding the brush as close to the lash root as possible. And instead of using a sweeping motion away from the root try using a zig-zag motion instead as it will avoid clumping and make sure all your lashes are covered.

TIP 3: When your just about to head out and realise you’ve run out of eyeliner try using mascara instead. By using a small brush (or an old eyeliner tip) dip the end in the mascara tube and use to line your eyes. And it’ll even lasts longer then eyeliners.

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