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Famous stars and straps – Romantically Challenged Black hoody

Posted on January 26, 2010 in alternative clothing, Alternative Hoodies, Alternative Tops by

The Romantically Challenged Hoody by Famous Stars and Straps is the perfect gift for any girlfriend this Valentines day. February isn’t known for it’s warmest of weather so why not wrap up your lover in this gorgeous punky hoody. Made up of over 80% cotton it’s snuggly and warm and guarenteed to keep those winter chills at bay. So it would be perfect to wear while strolling hand in hand on a moonlit beach or even when wandering through a park.
Treat her to something special. Show her you care.
And why not make it complete by collecting the whole set. There is also a t shirt and vest top for girls in the “Romantically challenged” range.
I must admit out of all my hoodies this is deffo one of my favs and thats something coming from a girl who owns so many clothes that opening her wardrobe has become a daily hazzard.


So I give this gorgeous hoody a thumbs up, so why dont you give it a go too 🙂



Romantically Challenged Hoodie

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