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Energy levels low?

Posted on January 29, 2010 in Uncategorized by

During the winter time most of us can feel our energy levels hit rock bottom and we find ourselves reaching for a quick fix, an energy drink here, a stodgy meal there but these fast solutions could leave us feeling more sluggish and make our energy levels drop off the scale.
So here’s a 5 tips to see you through the rest of the winter.

# No Sugar fixes – They’ll give you that quick burst of energy but a quick rise can only lead to a quick fall, so steer clear. Have some porrige or a healthy banana instead.

# Don’t oversleep – It’s tempting but make sure you just get your 7-8hrs a night, anymore and you’ll send yourself into hibernation mode.

# Avoid alcohol – Boze causes dehydration and depletes your energy stores, leaving your skin dull and dry and your energy levels at zero. Causing bad moods and irritability.

# Eat well – Make sure you eat plenty of complex carbs like porrige, wholemeal bread, brown rice and pasta. These release energy slowly into your body helping you go for longer.

# Exercise – Being active and moving about boosts energy and improves stamina, not to mention helping to release those feel good endorphins.


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