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Dying your hair crazy colours?

Posted on January 25, 2010 in Beauty Tips by

Dying your hair hair crazy colours?
Here’s some helpful and handy guidelines.


So you’ve been thinking of dying your hair ey?
Well here’s some of my top tips on getting the best results from your colour.


# Try not to wash or condition your hair just before dying as this can sometimes create a barrier between your hair and the dye. I find that if your hair is in need of a wash then it’s best to do it 48hrs before applying the dye.


# A lot of dyes will tell you to apply to damnp hair but I find you get far better results when applying over dry hair, as the hair will be more porus and therefore absorb the dye easier and quicker.


# Once you’ve applied the dye evenly over your hair leave the colour on for as long as possible. Many dyes suggest 45 mins to 1 hour but this all depends on your natural hair colour, condition of your hair and how well the dye takes to it. Many people find leaving it on for a couple of hours or overnight creates the best results, just try not to get it all over your pillow cases.


# Before you wash out all of the dye, check to make sure the colour has taken to your satisfactory by only washing out a strand. If the colour is the desired shade you’re ready to wash out the dye.


# Gently remove the dye with a ph balenced shampoo or one that is specially designed for coloured hair (like directions shampoo) and then rince it all out with cold/tepid water. By using cold water you will prevent most of the dye from running and help make the result more vibrant.


# Carefully towel dry your hair and before completely drying spray in a few squirts of leave in conditioner.


# Now finish drying, style to desired effect and your ready to go 🙂




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