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Dale Farm ‘The ongoing battle’

Posted on September 20, 2011 in Uncategorized by

It’s been in the news for a fair few weeks now and it’ll be hard to find anyone who hasn’t heard about the Traveller Community and their battle to keep their homes on the Dale Farm site in Basildon, Essex.
But should they be allowed to stay?
It has been said that Travellers choose this lifestyle because it grants them freedom and a chance to live a full life without the same worries as people who are ‘settled’ , who pay council taxes and water bills etc. But these travellers are NOT travelling, they ARE settled and yet they still don’t have to cough up the money that ordinary people pay. We pay our taxes for the NHS and schooling for our children and yet they pay nothing and are still entitled to these things.
Its understandable why so many people want them to leave the site. The land in question IS owned by the travellers but the buildings upon it have been built without planning permission, and this is the problem. They say, as its their land they should be allowed to build what they like on it…fair enough…but Travellers or not, we ALL have to have planning permission before building on our own land so what should exempt them from the rules. Now I don’t like the fact that anyone should lose their home, but no matter what religion or nationality you are, if you choose to live in this country you have to follow the rules, the same as everyone else. Am I being to harsh? Perhaps! But we are all entitled to an opinion and if someone wanted to show me the other side of the argument then I will listen.

Chow for now
What do you guys think?
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