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Cheryl cole is the new face of Elnett

Posted on June 22, 2010 in Uncategorized by


If like me you love big hair then you may have noticed that one of the best products for giving you that extra lift (but without all the hassle of washing it out afterwards) is Elnett Satin Hairspray by L’oreal.
Iv’e tried many products and hairsprays but the only one that even came close to Elnett’s ultra lift was TRESemme freeze spray. It stayed in all night long but the only problem was you couldn’t just comb in out…you had to wash it out, and along with the hairspray went half of my manic panic hair dye….major bummer!
Anyway, back to Elnett…as you may have noticed that since her X factor appearence Cheryl Cole has become somewhat of the nations “sweetheart” and her face is everywhere.
And to make sure her face STAYED everywhere Elnett decided to stick it onto a can of their diamond hold hairspray.
Don’t get me wrong, its the same great product but in a flashy new purple can with Cheryl’s face adorning it!….except they charge you more for the product (the same product thats in the normal cans).
So if you really don’t wanna miss out on getting your limited edition can then i suggest buying the smallest, cheapest can and keeping it as a keepsake.
I mean, who really wants to pay more for a famous face on the can only for it to just be used and end up in the bin :p


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