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Cheryl cant you see whats in front of you?

Posted on July 17, 2010 in Uncategorized by


Okie, so when Cheryl first worked with on the single “heartbreaker” a few years ago, he declared to the world that she was his kinda woman, that Ashley was mad to have cheated on her (the first time round) and that he would treat her like a princess and would fly half way across the world to be with her.
Well after the whole Ashley saga he has pretty much stayed true to his words.
He flew across oceans to attend her concert dates, and has treated her with nothing but respect. Helping her through the tougher times of her break up and yet staying a true gentleman and giving her time to heal before diving in.
The “other” man in Cheryl’s life is dancer, Derek Hough who she met while filming scenes for her music video “Parachute”.
Where has tried to give Cheryl time to heal, it seems that lately Derek has become a little obsessive and isn’t giving Cheryl enough space to truly get over Ashley.

I just hope Chery takes some time out, gives herself some space to properly grieve over the breakdown of her relationship and doesn’t rush into anything she’ll regret.
And maybe in time she’ll see that Will can offer her and that he could show her unconditional cove that she really deserves.

I must admit..

I’m team WILL.I.AM all the way 🙂



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