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Big Brother is Back!

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So after over a decade of Big Brother on Channel 4, the show was eventually dropped due to falling ratings and a lack of ‘freshness’. While some of us said our ‘goodbyes’ others said their ‘ good riddance’s’ but before we could wipe away any last tears or finish our celebratory glass of bubbly, news had spread that this was not the last we’d seen of this once iconic ‘social experiment’.

The rumour mill was in overdrive, news that channel 5 had brought the rights to the show and were bringing it back was met with mixed reviews. Should this once great show be left in peace, for people to remember the great moments over the years or should we continue to milk it for all it’s worth, exploiting wannabe’s and potential stars for our own entertainment. Well, it didn’t seem to matter what the public thought because before we had a chance to ruminate, the show was snapped up by 5 and potential housemates were being lined up.

So Big Brother on channel 5 kicked off last night, starting with the infamous ‘celeb’ BB!

Now I use the term ‘celeb’ loosely. Ok maybe there are a few people in there that at some point in their lives may have put a pinky toe upon the celeb ladder…but…. a political speakers wife?  An ex baywatch babe? And more then one serial reality star! REALLY???????  Kinda scrapping the barrel a bit, me thinks!

Anyway the kick off to the show basically consisted of a series of VT’s followed by so-called ‘celebs’ entering the house to a mixed chorus of cheers and boos while host Brian Dowling kept trying to convince us these mere mortals were gods of the celebrity world…yes Kerry Katona and Jedward….gods! :p

Tara Reid (of American Pie fame) looked terrified, like she just wanted to go home and realised what most of us sitting in front of our tv sets had come to realise ‘ WHAT THE HELL AM I DO HERE’.

Jedward were their usually hyperactive selves, entering the house in outfits that could only be describeds as a cross between Fred Flintstones dinner jacket and Tigger’s pj’s.

Amy Childs, as predicted entered the house and managed to call everyone in sight ‘Darling, honey and babes’ withing the first 2 minutes.

Kerry Katona seemed delightfully chirpy as she spoke to host Brian Dowling outside the house but once inside, her first thoughts were to remove her shoes and concentrate on breathing lol.

Tbh there were more people in the house (obvs) but none seem worth mentioning to be fair. So I’ll leave you with those little pearls of wisdom and let you watch the rest yourselves, because to be honest I dont think i’m emotionally stable enough to watch this crud EVERY NIGHT!!!!


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