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Become a beach babe this summer.

Posted on May 18, 2010 in Uncategorized by

Here’s a few hints and tips to look your best on the beach this summer 🙂

1, Remember, summer is all about looking fresh and confident so don’t go OTT on the makeup. Just use some mascara, a little eyeliner and a slick of nude lipgloss on your lips.

2, If topping up your mascara isn’t your thing or you just can’t rely on waterproof mascara, take a tip from me and get your lashes tinted. A blue-black shade is best if you want bold, dark and glossy lashes.

3, The sun can be quite drying on the skin so avoid powdered products like foundations, shadows and blushers and use cream or gel based colours instead.

4, If you don’t want the hassle of wearing foundation on the beach try swapping your usual base for an SPF cream that has a slight tint to it.

5, When we are heading to the beach or the swimming pool we like to make sure that any makeup we wear is waterproof right? Well ordinary makeup remover wont shift it as easy as non waterproof makeup so invest in some good makeup remover like Nivia Visage gentle waterproof eye makeup remover.


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