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Beauty Tips for all :)

Posted on August 29, 2011 in Uncategorized by

Heya guys

I thought I’d share a few little makeup hints and tips with you 🙂


Foundation and concealer tips:

* When applying Foundation, just concentrate on the centre of your face, hardly any will be required on the rest. But make sure you blend well on and around your jaw line as you don’t want any tale tale ‘tide marks’

* When buying concealer you need to make sure the shade you choose isn’t too light as that can actually make flaws stand out. The best thing to do is apply a tester in the store and then go outside into the natural sunlight to make sure it’s the right shade before you make your purchase.


Blusher Tips:

* The best shades to suit everyone are peaches and coral shades, so if in doubt opt for one of these.

* I you’ve over applied your blusher don’t rub it off and start again, just get a little bit of powder foundation and dust it over the areas where you have been a little heavy handed.


Eye Tips:

* If you want to go out ‘bare faced’, the best trick is to buy a neutral skin tone eye shadow (or primer) and dab it over your eye lids and up to the brow bone. This will cancel out any redness and make your eyes look less tired.

* If you’re having trouble coating those little lashes in the corner of your eyes try bending your mascara brush to a right angle. It works everytime.


Lip Tips:

* Always use a lip liner as it prevents lipstick from bleeding. Even if it’s just a nude shade liner it’ll stop your lippy from wandering.


Highlighting Tips:

* Pink and Gold are always best and make your skin really dewy. Apply to upper cheekbones and decolletage for instant shimmer and sex appeal.


Hope these work as well for you as they do for me 🙂


Chow for now :p



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