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Banned Apparel’s Eternity Top

Posted on December 14, 2017 in alternative clothing, Alternative Tops, Banned Apparel by

Banned Apparel’s Eternity Top

Banned Apparel’s Eternity Top


Get the right looks, hoody and creepy feeling in this Eternity top by the Banned Apparel family and available at UK’s leading alternative fashion and style store, Egg n Chips, London. The eternity top presents another unique print with Gothic concepts on a black top. This time Banned Apparel plays around in the woods projecting mystical star-studded cats that give you a sweet and appealing look.


Banned Apparel understands just how to make any classy, fashionable and sassy lady glow in a black top and that’s why the choice of a kimono, three-quarter sleeve on a boat neckline and for a waist length top.


One other thing that makes the Eternity top a must-have is its well-patterned body shape concept, designed to cling to you revealing your sensuality and curviness so much you can’t afford to have a wardrobe devoid of the Eternity top. No matter your size indications from small to extra-large Banned Apparel thought of making something elegant of the Eternity top just for you.


And because it is the Eternity top by Banned Apparel, it’s easy to combine with just any pant or skirt of your choice, plain, patterned or stripe bottom and you are good to go.


The shirt is made from a high-quality knitted fabric of 95% Viscose and 5% elastane fabric to guarantee excellent print and long-lasting washing experience anytime.


So, indulge yourself a little in the Eternity top and hang out with family and friends, a casual day at the office, outing with the one you love and a stroll in the park and let’s see how the eyes keep feasting on you.


Place your order right away at the Egg n Chips, London and let’s wow you with an unbeatable service delivery at top speed with a 14-day money back guarantee and in line with our return policy.



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