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Vintage coats are a serious fashion statement you don’t want to miss out on. A feminine pimp look will do a great deal of good to you. So why not get the Claudette Colbert vintage-inspired black coat from Banned Apparel. It’s intriguing to know that stores like Egg and Chips, London have the 1940s/1050s rockabilly vintage coat for an urban space. Classic as they come, they are timeless and you can never be fashion wrong with a vintage jacket.

This vintage-inspired glamorous faux require simple accessories. It does not necessarily have to be worn in a strict working girl sense. Just have fun dressing up, look playful in it. A belt can be added to accessorize for a chic look. With its contrasting button and neckline, the coat appears low-key rather than prissy. A smart heel will give the perfect Monday-Friday wardrobe option.

Classy as it looks, the vintage-inspired black coat is crafted in cuffs with button straps. A contrasting hem insert and a black polka dot satin lining give it a perfect finish. The perfect blend of color is right for any other combination. Made from 40% wool and 60% polyester, the jacket keeps you warm in ideal weather temperatures.

The Claudette Colbert vintage-inspired black coat will surely make you stand out. If a bit of edge is the preference, this coat speaks sophistication and class. This styled cape at the back means you can skip the scarf. Truth be told, it is a worthy investment on one coat for the season.

Now is the time to shop for the Claudette Colbert vintage-inspired coat at Egg and Chips, London. With a friendly return policy, have a pleasant shopping experience. Rock this dress-coat this season and get the true meaning of a smashing look.

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