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Affairs of the Heart

Posted on March 30, 2010 in Uncategorized by

Many of you have read in magazines and newspapers about the affairs of wealthy famous men like Tiger Woods, Ashley Cole, John Terry and even the seemingly innocent Mark Owen from Take That.
So much so that even Tv shows such as Southpark have picked up on their behaviour and highlighted it in a whole new episode.
But according to a recent survey it’s not just the rich and famous getting up to no good.

# 1 in 3 Men have admitted to having an affair.
# One quarter of Women have had sex with a married man.
# 1 in 5 Married men don’t consider monogamy realistic.
# 20% of men don’t think having sex with a prostitute is cheating.
# 75% of people cheat due to boredom.
# 13% of Men found their mistresses on social networking sites such as Facebook.
# 60% of people cheat to feel more attractive.

So there you have it, it’s not just the rich and famous who get caught with their pants down.
Although they have the means to provide their mistress with “hush” money they also have the downside of having the paps on their trail 24/7 so eventually they’re gonna get caught.
And then they blame the whole thing on “sex addiction” but does it really exist?

Russell Brand was once a man always on the prowl for his next sexual conquest but after meeting Katy Perry he has been a one woman man so does this prove that it was never an addiction in the first place, he just needed to meet the right person? I
f it was an real addiction he would still be craving new woman and new experiences even if he was happy in his relationship with Katy and still be needing help to control his urges.
So is this new “sex addiction” excuse to be believed or is it just a get out clause for those who have been caught in the act?


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