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A Pinch & A Punch For The First Of The Month!

Posted on December 1, 2011 in Uncategorized by

I love the winter! I especially like December. Not only because it’s the month of giving and receiving for some, but also because it’s a time when people come together. Friends are home for the month, relatives travel to be together, siblings have time off work to catch up. The weather is dry and nippy, and the sun sets are early leaving us with a black sky and the warmth of indoors. 


I won’t lie and say I haven’t written a Christmas list….I wrote it weeks ago! 

Here’s a sneak peak…

Dear Santa

I have been very well behaved this year.

I have not been shopping every weekend and only went to one music festival.

I have helped the family out as much as I could and have worked my Vince Ray socks off all year!


Last year I know I deserved that potato sack of coal but this year there are just a couple of things I’d like….



1. Kreepsville 666 – Revenge Is Sweet Koffin Kompact Mirror.


2. La Riche – Poppy Red Hair Dye.


3. Rock Rebel – Fang Ring.


4. Rock Rebel – Love Never Dies Pendant.


5. Iron Fist – Bowed Over Platforms.


6. Stockings and Romance – Secret Corselette.



From you’re bestest London girl…

Weez xxxx


P.S Mister Jack said Egg & Chips stock it all, so you can give those elves a break.


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