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5 Things In the News this Week

Posted on March 21, 2010 in Uncategorized by


Here is a quick run down of some of the top stories in the news this week.
Feel free to comment and/or add your own.

1, Cheryl cole (Again)
Yep Cheryl Cole (soon to be Tweedy?) is again dominating the papers with the story of her seperation from cheating hubby Ashley Cole, different papers have been producing different insights into the story but the only people who will ever know what’s going on for sure is Ashley and Chery so we wait with baited breath to see the outcome of this messy situation.

2, Take Thats Mark Owen.
Well well, who’d have thought that the squeaky clean one of Take That was in fact a serial cheat and had problems with alcoholism. It was revealed after he feared that his mistress of 5 years Neva Hanley was about to come forward with a “tell all” story about the two of them after he broke off the affair. He also revealed that he may have slept with at least 10 other woman during his relationship with his wife of 4 months Emma Ferguson.

3, Meow Meow.
The drug Methadrone also known as “Meow, kitty and the legal high” has been in the papers this week after claiming a 5th life. When will this drug be banned? will it be banned? Watch this space.

4, 16 Year Olds getting Botox.
Has the world gone mad, who needs botox at 16? There is a reason clinics don’t inject girls under a certain age and it isn’t just for a laugh. But now the Poison is available easily online aswell as being available during “Botox Parties” so what can we do. Well one mother has taken it into her own hands to inject her daughter, the mother (who has spent over half a million on cosmetic procedures) claims it’s safer then her daughter going behind her back….if that’s what helps you sleep at night love :p

5, Sandra Bullock.
Known more for her rom-coms and light hearted comedies the actress has finally won an oscar for her role in “The Blindside” but has she fallen victim to the “Oscars curse”. Many woman including Halle Berry and Kate Winslet have found their relationships break down after winning the award and it was recently revealed that all may not be well with Sandra and her Hubby. Apparently he had an affair with a tattoo’d model who worked for him during a motorbike shoot.


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