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Sweet children at the Essex Factor

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Sweet children at the essex factor.

Many of the citizens of Essex may have heard of “The Essex Factor”.
But if you haven’t “The Essex Factor” is a local competition based on the famous “X Faxtor” concept open to all the residents of Essex which allows solo acts, groups and bands to compete for a ÂŁ1000 prize as well as a sony record deal.
There are 4 rounds of auditions and the lucky acts who make it through get to go to “boot camp” which will take place on the 27th and 28th of February.
If the acts then make it through boot camp they get to go onto the finals.

There was a lot of variety with each act providing something different, but one act that stood out to me was a young girl who sang “I know where I’ve been” made famous by Queen Latifah from the musical hairspray. Absolutely brilliant đź™‚
And I’m so proud to say that my boyfriend’s band “Sweet children” entered and made it through to the boot camp round. All the comments from the judges were positive and after all the acts had performed and the judges had reached their verdicts Sweet Children were asked to play again to help wrap up the evening…HELL YEA!
So if Sweet children make it through to the finals be sure to show your support and vote!

We’ll keep you updated so watch this space.


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Energy levels low?

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During the winter time most of us can feel our energy levels hit rock bottom and we find ourselves reaching for a quick fix, an energy drink here, a stodgy meal there but these fast solutions could leave us feeling more sluggish and make our energy levels drop off the scale.
So here’s a 5 tips to see you through the rest of the winter.

# No Sugar fixes – They’ll give you that quick burst of energy but a quick rise can only lead to a quick fall, so steer clear. Have some porrige or a healthy banana instead.

# Don’t oversleep – It’s tempting but make sure you just get your 7-8hrs a night, anymore and you’ll send yourself into hibernation mode.

# Avoid alcohol – Boze causes dehydration and depletes your energy stores, leaving your skin dull and dry and your energy levels at zero. Causing bad moods and irritability.

# Eat well – Make sure you eat plenty of complex carbs like porrige, wholemeal bread, brown rice and pasta. These release energy slowly into your body helping you go for longer.

# Exercise – Being active and moving about boosts energy and improves stamina, not to mention helping to release those feel good endorphins.


Egg and chips clothing.

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Heya guys.
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Mister Jack Tv

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Heya guys.
Be sure to stop by and check out Mister Jack tv at
Find out about the lastest happenings, news, current events and even check out Jacks latest songs and music videos.
Its all happening here so don’t miss a minute and get your asses on there.

Peace out.

Time to lighten up with bleach!

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Whenever someone says they’re going to attemp to bleach their hair at home all you can hear is the sound of gasps from everyone around you or “she/he must be brave”. A lot of people would rather leave this in the hands of a pro but this can be very costly and a lot of salons will refuse to bleach dark hair to insure themselves if anything were to go wrong.
Whether its because you wanna be a blonde bombshell or whether its just a base for a more wilder colour were here to help.
So guys and girls, if you really dont think you can handle this yourself please seek help. For those of you ready to bleach…heres a guide to help.

Please read first:
-Do not allow bleach to get onto bare skin, clothing or god your eyes.
-Make sure you wear gloves throughout.
-Bleaching hair with reddish tones may result in an orange tone.
If your hair is naturally black then its okie to proceed although if your hair has been dyed black it would be best to wait until the black hair colour has faded or try to remove as much of it as you can before bleaching.
-Over bleaching can damage hair so if you must, condition, condition, condition.
-Try not to leave the bleach on for more then an hour.
– The developer and the powder react chemically. After a while they’ll stop reacting and your hair won’t bleach any more. So dont leave the mixture on the side and use it later.

Things you’ll need :
Bleaching Powder
30 Volume Creme Developer (creamy white one not the clear one)
Hair coloring brush (Helps to comb through and seperate hair)
Plastic or glass mixing bowl (no metal)
A shower cap

Note: First make sure youve done a patch test 48hrs before bleaching your hair. You can do this by applying a small amount of the bleaching mixture behind your ear and leaving it there for a couple of hours. If your skin because red, itchy or flakey you might be having a reaction and it would not be wise to continue. If not then were ready to go.


1, Give your hair a good brush to help loosen up and get rid of any leftover hair products and spray.
2, Put on a pair of gloves normally used when dying your hair then in a non metallic bowl pour in about 3oz of creme peroxide and 2 scoops of bleaching powder and mix together until you creat a creamy consistancy.
3, Now part your hair into sections and starting at the back paint the mixture on small sections at a time and remember to leave the top part (roots) till last as the heat from your head will make this part lighten more quicky and you dont wanna end up with lighter roots and darker hair.
(If you can try to avoid getting bleach directly onto your scalp as this may result in redness, itching and chemical burns.) After coating each section it might be best to wrap it in foil which you can buy from many hair and beauty suppliers.
4, Once you have covered your hair and done the roots cover your head with a plastic shower cap, this will keep in the heat and help the peroxide and bleach solution develop more quickly.
5, When you think your hair is light enough (try not to leave on then more then 1 hour max even if it has not yet reached that desired blonde as this will kill your hair.) remove the mixture using a PH Balenced shampoo, this will stop any other chemical reactions from the bleach and peroxide mixture from occuring on your hair and will help your hair regain its normal PH Level.
6, Make sure that all the bleaching product is washed out COMPLETELY!
7, If at this point your hair is not to the desired lightness, towel dry it and then apply a protein rich treatment conditioner to strenghen your hair. Leave this on for about 30 mins.
8, After the 30 mins rinse out, towel dry and apply a good conditioner.
9, Try to wait a week and then repeat the bleaching steps, it is highly unlikely unless you go to a pro that you can bleach your hair in one day unless you have pretty light hair to start with. After one or two more bleaching sessions your hair may reach a yellowish stage with no orange in it.
This shouldn’t take more than 3 bleaching in TOTAL  even for the darkest hair. But if you just can’t get it right or suspect it will it is highly recommended that you go to a professional hairdresser. Always wait at least a week between hair treatments!
10, Once you have reached that off yellowish colour it is time to TONE! First wash your hair with a PH Balenced shampoo but DO NOT condition.
11. Toning – After the final bleaching wait 24 hours then Mix up the toner of your choice (ie ash blonde, silver blonde, platinum etc) with 30 volume creme peroxide developer (or read toner instructions) and apply to your hair. After about 40 mins wash out, condition and dry.

Last tip: Now your hair is blonde you wanna keep it that way so invest in some silver shampoo. Everytime you wash your hair, after using your usual shampoo take a small amount of the silver shampoo (it will be mauve/lilac in colour) and lather it over for hair for about 30 secs max (no more then 30 seconds or your platinum hair might turn purple/blue) then rinse out. This will keep any yellow tones at bay.

And thats it…Good luck!


Famous stars and straps – Romantically Challenged Black hoody

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The Romantically Challenged Hoody by Famous Stars and Straps is the perfect gift for any girlfriend this Valentines day. February isn’t known for it’s warmest of weather so why not wrap up your lover in this gorgeous punky hoody. Made up of over 80% cotton it’s snuggly and warm and guarenteed to keep those winter chills at bay. So it would be perfect to wear while strolling hand in hand on a moonlit beach or even when wandering through a park.
Treat her to something special. Show her you care.
And why not make it complete by collecting the whole set. There is also a t shirt and vest top for girls in the “Romantically challenged” range.
I must admit out of all my hoodies this is deffo one of my favs and thats something coming from a girl who owns so many clothes that opening her wardrobe has become a daily hazzard.


So I give this gorgeous hoody a thumbs up, so why dont you give it a go too 🙂



Romantically Challenged Hoodie

Dying your hair crazy colours?

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Dying your hair hair crazy colours?
Here’s some helpful and handy guidelines.


So you’ve been thinking of dying your hair ey?
Well here’s some of my top tips on getting the best results from your colour.


# Try not to wash or condition your hair just before dying as this can sometimes create a barrier between your hair and the dye. I find that if your hair is in need of a wash then it’s best to do it 48hrs before applying the dye.


# A lot of dyes will tell you to apply to damnp hair but I find you get far better results when applying over dry hair, as the hair will be more porus and therefore absorb the dye easier and quicker.


# Once you’ve applied the dye evenly over your hair leave the colour on for as long as possible. Many dyes suggest 45 mins to 1 hour but this all depends on your natural hair colour, condition of your hair and how well the dye takes to it. Many people find leaving it on for a couple of hours or overnight creates the best results, just try not to get it all over your pillow cases.


# Before you wash out all of the dye, check to make sure the colour has taken to your satisfactory by only washing out a strand. If the colour is the desired shade you’re ready to wash out the dye.


# Gently remove the dye with a ph balenced shampoo or one that is specially designed for coloured hair (like directions shampoo) and then rince it all out with cold/tepid water. By using cold water you will prevent most of the dye from running and help make the result more vibrant.


# Carefully towel dry your hair and before completely drying spray in a few squirts of leave in conditioner.


# Now finish drying, style to desired effect and your ready to go 🙂




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The perfect nails

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Flawless nails anyone?

First off its good to keep your hands and nails in good condition, try using some nourishing moisturiser daily like cocoa butter or almond oil, theres no need to shell out for hella expensive “hand and nail products”.

Always make sure you clean out any dirt from under your fingernails and even though us girls love our nails long make sure you file them and buff them once a week, this reduces the chance of hang nails and breakage while shaping them into an oval shap makes them easier to manage.
Its fun to paint your nails depending on your mood, if your feeling flirtatious you can go for a pretty pink, or if your feeling rather sexy and dominant go for a deep shocking red, no matter what the colour freshly painted nails are always a treat that perk you right up.


1, Okie before you start make sure youve removed any left over polish from your last painting session, then scrub over them with warm soapy water.
2, Now you want to create a barrier between the natural oils of your nails and the selected varnish of your choice. For this you will need a clear base coat which you can buy in all good cosmetic stores. Apply it to each nail and wait for it to dry (If you’re rather impatient and cant bare to wait you can always use a nail polish dryer like “OPI Rapidry spray”)
3, Once dried take your nail varnish and give it a good shake as most of the colour settles to the bottom if its been standing too long. Apply to your nails in 3 simple strokes, one at each side of the nail and lastly one down the middle.
4, If your not too good at this you can use a Q-tip or for more acuracy an old lip liner brush dipped in nail polish remover to correct any mistakes/ wobbly lines or paint on the skin.
5, If the color isnt as vibrant as you’d like it you may want to repeat step 4.
6, Now its time for the finishing touches by added a glossy top coat which will protect the nails from chipping and also add some must have shine.
7, And your done, but before you head out to that party and show off your killer claws, gently rub in some light moisturing over your hands to rectify any polish remover that may have gone over your skin.


And your ready to go.


There are many other creative things you can do with your nails, for example leopard print. (see pic below) You can do this by creating the letters “C” and “O” over the nails in a slightly jagged fashion before applying the top coat.
You could also do hearts or a lady bug theme, the things you can do are endless.
Or add some glmaour by adding little diamonte’s or gems to your nails by uses an adhesive (eyelash glue works wonders)


So go on girls (or guys) and get those creative juices flowing and show em what you’ve got.

See ya soon
<3 Bexy



Miss Fortune – Broken Doll Psychobilly Dress

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Check out this hot new Psychobilly Dress from Miss Fortune, it is available for pre-order right now, these are set to dispatch mid November and stocks will be limited so secure yours RIGHT NOW by clicking this link

It has a gorgeous white lace trim and mini bone buttons. It’s even got pom pom trim and screen printed cross bones.

This Months Zombified Delights – The One Hand In The Grave Boots from Iron Fist

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This months hot sellers are the One Hand In The Grave Boots boots from Iron Fist Clothing.
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