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Women’s Red Leopard Bomber Jacket

Posted on July 18, 2021 in Alternative Tops by

Bomber jackets are a must-have for every girl in the fashion niche. It defines your class and style in a way that protrudes elegance. If you are still considering getting this, do so, bomber jackets aren’t going anywhere soon. It has become a wardrobe staple in the upper part of the fashion food chain. 

There are many styled choices in smart designs, structured shapes, and body-friendly fabric. Whatever the other garment you combine it with; it does stand out and exudes elegance. The women’s red leopard bomber jacket is no exception. It is extremely classy with a relaxed fit to accentuate your appearance. For a tight fit, choose one size down. What’s more, the vibrant color is perfect for the non-conformist. Get this exclusive limited edition from Egg and Chips Store London and sway heads.

The leopard bomber jacket is hand-made in England designed with a large black leopard print. Its embedded black lions within print give you a daring appearance. Combining the bomber jacket is thrilling. There are different ways of making this jacket look stunning on you. For starters consider skinny jeans and trainers. A sneaker and comfy sweat pants together with a crop top will give a sexy appearance. For sweater lovers, a boot, and the leopard bomber jacket will be awesome for an autumn outing.

The red leopard jacket is fully lined with luxurious black satin lining. It is made from the highest quality, eco-friendly material for an iconic look. The beautiful leopard bomber jacket is designed with 2 front pockets to house your little items. A ribbed cuff and waist give it a glam look. What more can you ask for in a bomber jacket? So rock it like a celeb when you place your order at Egg and Chips store, London. 


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Want a fashion statement for the summer huh? Then check out the Mandala playsuit from Banned clothing. This floral piece of gorgeousness features a pleated bottom for a sexy look. Playsuits are making a big deal in the fashion scene today; add this piece to your wardrobe to make a plus.  Get the effortlessly chic appearance from this one-piece garment to spice up your day. See the Egg and Chips catalog on how to purchase this wardrobe staple.

 Made from 100% rayon, it’s lightweight and makes caring for the fabric easy. The material is super soft on the skin for comfy wear and feel. It’s the perfect choice for the beach, party, or just everyday casual wear.

The Mandala playsuit is designed with a low round neck to create a feminine silhouette. The sleeveless design and relaxed fit create a flattering look. It’s timeless and a perfect buy for the warmer months. This playsuit is sleek and smart and a wardrobe winner always. You can’t help but love the styling and the color that screams spring.

Dressing up in a playsuit can be fun. Tap into a world of versatility with boots, jackets, sunglasses, high heels, and more as accessories. The inspiration choice is yours to pick.  This stunning suite can’t be faulted when a bold style statement is a goal.  So, here’s a piece of advice, replace your classic party dress with the Mandala playsuit and be flirty. It is super duper cute and trendy. Just rock it and have a magical day to your fun places and watch heads roll in your direction.

The playsuit suits any body type and attaches itself to your skin. With just the perfect accessories you are sure to get a bespoke look. Mandala playsuit from Banned clothing is available for pick up at Egg and Chips store, London.


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Vintage coats are a serious fashion statement you don’t want to miss out on. A feminine pimp look will do a great deal of good to you. So why not get the Claudette Colbert vintage-inspired black coat from Banned Apparel. It’s intriguing to know that stores like Egg and Chips, London have the 1940s/1050s rockabilly vintage coat for an urban space. Classic as they come, they are timeless and you can never be fashion wrong with a vintage jacket.

This vintage-inspired glamorous faux require simple accessories. It does not necessarily have to be worn in a strict working girl sense. Just have fun dressing up, look playful in it. A belt can be added to accessorize for a chic look. With its contrasting button and neckline, the coat appears low-key rather than prissy. A smart heel will give the perfect Monday-Friday wardrobe option.

Classy as it looks, the vintage-inspired black coat is crafted in cuffs with button straps. A contrasting hem insert and a black polka dot satin lining give it a perfect finish. The perfect blend of color is right for any other combination. Made from 40% wool and 60% polyester, the jacket keeps you warm in ideal weather temperatures.

The Claudette Colbert vintage-inspired black coat will surely make you stand out. If a bit of edge is the preference, this coat speaks sophistication and class. This styled cape at the back means you can skip the scarf. Truth be told, it is a worthy investment on one coat for the season.

Now is the time to shop for the Claudette Colbert vintage-inspired coat at Egg and Chips, London. With a friendly return policy, have a pleasant shopping experience. Rock this dress-coat this season and get the true meaning of a smashing look.


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Rocking denim just got funkier with the Art Denim available at Egg and Chips store, London. The black denim is artistically designed to give you a look that beats all competition. You may want to join the league of legendary denim jacket men for a handsome and confident look. Denim shirts are great companions that would never let you down in the world of fashion. The button-down denim is just the perfect shirt for versatility. With a reasonable price tag on this art denim, you have just got yourself a wardrobe staple for the season.

The random ripped shirt with art patches is a dual-purpose shirt that can serve as a shirt and a jacket. The long sleeve, the button-down sweatshirt is a great choice for any casual outing that requires a unique style. Get the paparazzi hooked to you with the Art Patch Denim jacket.

 A type printed on the back and front gives a guaranteed standing out in the crown effect. This great piece is a street fashion perfect for clubbing, partying, and any fun place you need to be. It comes in four-pocket designs and can be used with cuff links.  It’s quite a comfortable fall fabric to wear as it weighs just 1.2k./2.66 lbs

So for a guy with swag, here’s a good men’s sweat wears denim to add to your wardrobe collection. Go past all wardrobe-related dilemmas as you rock this shirt with denim trousers, chinos, plain pants, or and shorts of your choice. The Art patch Denim jacket is made from 97% cotton and 3% Elastane so maintenance is not a big issue.  It is washing mashing friendly, helping to look clean and fresh always.

What else can you possibly get from a sweatshirt; the Art Denim jacket has it all. Pick it up at the Egg and Chips store, UK. Remember to read the policy document for maximum customer satisfaction.

Skull (34 x 27 x 25 cm) Grey

Posted on March 14, 2021 in Alternative Sculpture by

Skull (34 x 27 x 25 cm) Grey

Preparing for a party huh? Then the Skull Grey is the best party piece to jazz up the environment. You don’t want to miss out on this trendy Moda misfit happening in the world of interior design. Yes, skulls aren’t only for Halloween, they add a cool gothic
romance and elegance to your home. The grey skull is designed to look like a real one capable of giving an exciting creepy feeling. Its color can blend easily with any color pallet. It is available at Egg and Chips, UK for easy pickups.
The grey skull is not only great for parties but can also pass for attractive home décor.
It’s a trendy way to add an edge to your home. This cool and gusty interior décor will give an edgy statement to your style. It can be placed on a surface or used as an ornate sculpture on the wall.
For lovers of artistic design, the skull can be bejeweled to suit your taste and style. Just get busy with glue and a few bags of shinies to transform it into a sparkling beauty. You would be blown away. Get creative with painting or even pyrography and make an eye-catching beauty of the skull.
Don’t get left behind with this trendy piece of fashion. Skulls are elements that can create a focal point in your interior. It is a fashion statement that proves how tough or brave you look. They just need to be placed in a good area so it doesn’t clash with other aesthetic elements.
To get a rock-star kind of vibes, just place an order from Egg and Chips stores, London.
The skull is becoming a must-have for people in the trending game, either as an accessory to dressing or simply to accentuate the look of a home. This iconic emblem with a universal appeal is here to stay.

Dead Threads – Blue Men’s Trousers

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Dead Threads – Blue Men’s Trousers

Are you unsure of what to wear? Don’t be afraid to step out of the box. Dead Threads Blue Men’s Trousers is a convertible pant just right for the man of style. They’re easy to style, relaxed, and look great with anything. It will do a great job of adding a touch to your personality. Get your groove on with this trouser at Egg and Chips, UK.

For the days where it’s too hot to wear heavy trousers, this provides a breezy and classic alternative. It is the ultimate way to spice up a classic look. You can go from trousers to a short in a moment. The blue men’s trousers offer the opportunity of two looks with one outfit. Put the trousers on with a top and convert it to a short with another top. Just go from trendy to hot.

The fabric is easy to maintain; it’s cut from 100% cotton. They are best suited to warmer weather. If you want to make a grand entrance, do so with the classic design of metal chains. It is also styled in a black belt, four front pockets, and two on the back to give a distinguished look.

Avoid discomfort all day by converting from a trouser to a short. It helps you look put together without a commitment. The trousers can be worn in a laidback setting or a smart-casual. The choice is yours to make at any time. Here’s an unsung style you should have.

The style is, strictly speaking, casual trouser so combine it with an easy-going pair of shoes, a T-shirt or jacket for an effortlessly cool look. The blue men’s trouser is a pair that must be added to a wardrobe staple. Pick it up at Egg and Chips, UK, and define your new fashion 


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Are you gunning to be more confident and outgoing? Then let your clothes help you reach your goals. After all, a girl’s dressing is all about style, sophistication, and a chic look. Be you, be more this season with the best stylish outfits just perfect for you. Here comes another great design from Dead Threads to put you in the spotlight. Let the journey of a new look begin; visit the Egg and Chips store, London.

The women’s Nikita dress is super versatile and gives a head-turning ensemble every time. Create your style and present your persona to the world with this smashing dress. The outfit is great for a summer look or an elegant casual for a variety of events. Now you have a chance to steal the spotlight and glow. It’s a must-have piece that has a semblance to a tutu dress

 Dead Threads Women’s Nikita dress is form-fitting and comfortable. This design is perfect for anyone who wants their gorgeous curves in the know. The dress just helps to communicate who you are without a word from you. Its style is flowing and made up of beautiful cotton and spandex fabrics. It is a combination of comfort and sassiness. Just choose the best footwear and jewels to accompany it and be the object of admiration. You sure won’t go back to your old looks.

The black dress with large cherry prints features a sweetheart neckline. It comes in a straight cut and is flared at the waistline with a length below the knee. Also, it is designed with a zipper opening and cross over straps on the back. You wouldn’t want to miss out on the opportunity to steal the show.
Visit the Egg and Chips store now for the women’s Nikita dress and dazzle friends and onlookers.


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You are what you wear so they say. With this comment in mind getting it right just have to be a top priority. The Dead threads skull and red heart dress is a fashion statement. It speaks of class, glam, and sass. Showcasing this stylish piece is this open back dress describes you as a fashion icon. The high-quality cotton dress is available for pick-ups at Egg and Chips, London. 

The black dress with white string, skull, and red heart is a must for every girl in the fashion world. Designed with 2 cross strips on the back opening, it’s sure to get you noticed. The skull dress has a sweetheart neckline with a little gather in the middle to accentuate the bust.

It’s ideal for casual outings, parties and a trip to the bead teamed with a sun hat and sunglasses. The dress comes in an appropriate length if you want to play between a mini and midi. 

This is a perfect example of fit and flare. The red heart dress fits snugly to the bodice and has a flare from the waist down. It is styled for ease of movement. The skull and red heart dress is flattering for most shaped figures.

Dead threads skull and red heart dress is designed to create an entrance. It’s an alternative to the little black dress. Rave up the beauty with a belt or jacket combination for a smart look. Flats can be swapped for hot heels for a day to night look, making your legs look long and adding height to your figure.

 You can never be under-dressed or over-dressed with this. With minimal accessories, you are good to go. Get the skull and red heart dress; be styled in a pretty feminine look that is glam. It is available at Egg and Chips Company, London

Kreepsville 666 Day of The Dead Skeleton Flare Dress

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From Cotton Spandex

The day of the dead skeleton flare dress from KREEPSVILLE is simply mind-blowing. It can satisfy any fashion need to be arresting and extraordinary as a woman.

This unique design is beautiful, gothic, and pastel to make any woman the center of attraction. That is if you can carry it off. It is available at the world’s leading alternate clothing shop KREEPSVILLE!

Kreepsville 666 Day of The Dead Skeleton Flare Dress is a short sleeve dress with a flowery purple skeleton printed at its front side. There is also a Dia De Los Muertos slogan printed at its back. It comes in a mini length with a daring scoop neckline.

The purple and black color design with its short sleeve gives you an excellent, modern and pretty look while wearing it. Day of the dead Skeleton Flare Dress with is gothic flowery skeleton design is stylish, fashionable, and bold. You will be a knock-out as you wear it to that party, date night, or occasion.

Why not show-off that attractive beautiful long legs with this mini length Kreepsville 666 Day of The Dead Skeleton Flare Dress. KREEPSVILLE is well-known for is high clothing quality and durability. Moreover, their prices are affordable also.

This unique pretty flare short sleeve dress is crafted from cotton spandex. It is quite long-lasting, anti-fade no matter how long you wear or wash it due to KREEPSVILLE high-priority in quality material used. As a result, you have the guarantee of longevity and wearing a washer-friendly dress. It offers no resistance at all while washing and the flowery gothic skeleton design never fades away.

It comes in small sizes but can be sized to your specific shape and size immediately you give your order to KREEPSVILLE.

There is no time to waste, go out there now and grab a copy for you and your friends! Egg n Chips Clothing store is always ready 24/7 to satisfy your fashion dreams. We make your fashion dreams come true. Shop with us for a great shopping experience!       

Kreepsville 666 Web Skater Skirt

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5% Spandex, 95% Cotton with Elastic Band

There is nothing that draws attention to a woman like being mysterious and intriguing. With this web skater skirt from KREEPSVILE, you can cast your particular web of intrigue.

Wow! KREEPSVILE has outdone itself once more with this design. No wonder this design is a rave among women presently. Of course, no woman with high fashion sense will like to miss this elegant skirt. This Kreepsville 666 Web Skater Skirt is a short a-line design that is a bit above the knee. It also has a wide elastic waistband for a perfect fit. You can comfortably wear this skirt for any occasion.

Its background is black and completely covered with white webs in the fine print. This is the perfect skirt you need to stand out in any crowd.  

If you are wearing this Web skater skirt, you don’t need veer for attention. People will notice you alright as you cast your web that attracts them to you like moths to fire. You will be alluring and glamorous.

People will be clustering around you to chat and get to know you better. Wear this web skater skirt with a white or black jacket, t-shirt, tank-top, or vest for more allure.

KREEPSVILE makes this web skater skirt in many different sizes to make sure you get your perfect fit. It comes in small sizes, medium sizes, large, and extra-large sizes, respectively. As a result, you can get your perfect sizes no matter your size and shape.

This design offers durability and maximum comfort due to its premium quality material. It comes from 95% pure cotton and 5% spandex to ensure a long time washing experience. This skirt is fade-resistant and lasts very long.

Grab your skirt now at the well-known Egg n Chips global clothing shop for the best stylish, glamorous, and elegant wears. Also, feel free to get one for your friends and family members before this limited design runs out. They will surely love you forever!